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2020 MSTA Virtual Leadership Conference Descriptions 


11:30—Session 1 

Panel Discussion of Presidents 

This session will provide CTA presidents ideas and techniques being used by other successful CTA presidents.   

Large Districts FacilitatorKezia Bohanon 

Medium Districts FacilitatorLaura Boland 

Small Districts FacilitatorLarissa Mehmert 

Information for Treasurers -This session will provide CTA treasurers the information they need to be successful in their office.  This will include an update regarding HB 1413filing necessary tax documents, and maintaining necessary bank paperwork.   

Presented by Gail McCray, MSTA Legal Counsel 

Handling Difficult Conversations  

Learning how to talk through problems with a boss or co-worker can be a powerful tool that keeps unnecessary workplace confrontation to a minimum. Join the MSTA legal department for an interactive presentation which focuses on the skills you need and what you can do to resolve conflicts in both the workplace and your personal life. 

Presented by Kyle Farmer, Jane O’Toole, and Scott Smith, MSTA staff attorneys  


Real. Simple. Purpose  

Every individual begins with one thing in mind. One driving force. One real, simple, purpose that can change everything. The reality is that achieving our purpose isn’t always that simple. Sideways action, time pressure and emotional vampires, can distract us from taking the leap to make these intentions a reality. This presentation is designed to be the bridge between action and intention providing the individual with focused and targeted steps to clarify purpose, align core values, and create actionable steps that can bring your purpose to life.  

Presented by Bryson Travis & Nic Vasquez, Excelsior Springs CTA 

Enlisting and Engaging Members  

Enlisting and engaging CTA members is a task that is difficult for schools of all sizes. How do you make CTA meetings effective and exciting for teachers who are ready to get home after a hectic day? How can you get new teachers involved in established CTAs? How do you increase your stagnant numbers? When funds are low, the fun doesn’t have to be! Through incentives, give-a-ways, and efficiently run meetings, teachers and staff will be more than eager to join your local CTA! Raffles for membership dues, jeans day stickers, staff shout-outs, pick-me-up truck deliveries, and an engaging social media presence are just a few concepts this session will go over. 

Presented by Mackenzie Thompson, Scott County R-4 

12:45—Session 2 

Panel Discussion of Secretaries/Membership Chairs 

This session will provide ideas and techniques being used by successful CTA secretaries and membership chairs.   

Large Districts FacilitatorAmber Beard and Rendy Eisenhauer 

Medium Districts Facilitator: Jami Williams 

Small Districts Facilitator: Mary Watkins 

Make It-Take It  

The Make It-Take It session has become a favorite for many attendees over the past several years because it is a fun and interactive session. Attendees leave with a multitude of recruitment ideas and practical tools they can apply immediately in their organization, regardless of size, AND several completed projects to use for recruitment or adapt for member engagement. Last year’s presentation focused on the most basic tools for recruitment. This year’s presentation will review those tools and will also include more detailed projects that participants with any skill level can complete successfully, all in a fun and sharing atmosphere. A material list and templates for all shared ideas are available via the app. 

Presented by Amanda Bradshaw, Mount Vernon CTA 

Managing Time and Tasks to Maximize Productivity  

If you have it all together……if your to-do list is always to-done and your laundry is never left in a pile on your couch for a day (or two) then keep scrolling because this session is not for you! But, if you wish you had more organization to your chaos, a system for keeping track of your life and time to do the things you enjoy, then come on in-we’ll clean off a space for you! 

Presented by Nicole Nowlin, Lee’s Summit CTA 

Non-Traditional Communication with Your CTA  

In this session you will learn different ways to get your CTA involved in different ways than normal. Getting your CTA members involved is something all CTAs struggle with. In St. Joseph we have done some out-of-the-box things this year which have been successful. Come learn how to incorporate social media, short videos, social events, etc., to drive your CTA meetings and get people involved in CTA activities. 

Presented by Ashley Stanton, St. Joseph CTA 


Coaching. Advising. Training. Learning. Mentoring. Goal-setting. And Teaching. You have to juggle many roles to be successful. Want help? Come to this session to learn how to improve your school climate by supporting the teacher next door. Create a school family which thrives for the next nine months and beyond. 

Presented by Heidi Beatty, Northwest Nodaway R-5 CTA 

1:45—MSTA Legislative Priorities—Matt Michelson

2:10-Session 3 

MSTA Legal Services Panel Discussion—Kyle Farmer, Jane O’Toole, and Scott Smith 

Getting Involved 

Stacy Blakley, an MSTA leader on the local, regional, and state level will share her path to MSTA involvement.  Participants will explore reasons to become involved in MSTA.  Following the presentation, participants will be an expert on MSTA events and professional development opportunities offered by MSTA.  

Presented by Stacy Blakley, St. James R-1 CTA 

Engaging Members When You Are Not the Majority 

This session will focus on how to be a successful CTA in a district where MSTA is not the exclusive representative.  Jessica Tierney will give tips on recruitment, how to stay current on district initiatives, and what to do to stay in the good graces of the board and administration. 

Presented by Jessica TierneyColumbia 93 CTA 

Self-Care and SEL with PLN 

The focus of this session is to provide tools, tips, and strategies to help prevent teacher burnout.  From learning how to build in daily soul care into an already packed schedule to instilling healthy habits and Social Emotional Learning into daily classroom instruction.  

Lisa Toebben—Troy R-3 CTA